Skin Needling

Microneedling for Improving Wrinkles, Sagging and Ageing Skin.


Microneedling is a fast and effective treatment with similar results to fractional laser treatments. The delivery system of skin needling that we recommend is via the M-Derma, which is the latest in skin needling technology. Skin needling promotes the natural release of the skin’s collagen and elastin fibroblasts for amazing anti-aging benefits.

As we age the natural production of the skin’s supporting cells, fibroblasts, and the skin’s collagen and elastin naturally diminish leading to wrinkles, sagging and hollows.

Microneedling involves causing micro-trauma to the skin through small needle punctures which then prompt the release of new collagen and elastin as part of the healing process. The injuries prompt the skin to go into healing mode. This, in turn, reduces the signs of aging, sagging, scarring, wrinkles, hollows, and uneven skin tone.

This type of skin needling collagen induction therapy can be used for skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation, acne scars and wound healing, improvement in wrinkles and fine lines and to minimise pore size.

The MDerma is a revolutionary device that penetrates the skin up to 96,000 times per minute and at customised depths depending on the area of skin being treated.

The treatment is undertaken with minimal discomfort. It is quick, a tolerable treatment that benefits the skin greatly and will greatly benefit those suffering from prominent acne or scarring, pigmentation & ageing. As part of this treatment.

After your treatment, your skin typically feels warm and may also feel raw for 1-3 days. This sensation is similar to a bad sunburn. The skin usually feels very tight and dry for the first week. Sometimes you may also experience a little oedema (watery fluid) or light bruising. At 5-7 days after your treatment, we recommend a microdermabrasion to assist in removing any excess dead skin. A course of microdermabrasion is also advantageous throughout your skin needling course. We recommend 6 treatments spaced 1 week apart for noticeable rejuvenation. If treating scarring or stretch marks, then more may be required. This would be discussed with the therapist at your initial consultation.

Skin needling benefits a wide range of skin conditions. Because the results are achieved through the skin’s natural healing process, skin needling is also often referred to as a natural therapy. This is important as more and more people begin to look for more natural aesthetic results. Results that are determined by your genetics and natural beauty, not by a plastic surgeon.

Micro-needling  can help in the following ways:

Promotes firmer skin

Reduces fine lines and character lines

Reduces enlarged pores

Sun damaged skin

Hyper and hypopigmentation

Scar tissue, and acne scars

Stretch marks

Premature skin ageing

Improves blood supply

Micro needling effectively & powerfully stops the early signs of ageing


Avoid excessive sun exposure.

Avoid highly active and perfumed products.

Avoid prescription or topical creams for 4 days pre and post-treatment.

Avoid potent AHAs and BHAs for 2 days pre and post-treatment.


Avoid all sun exposure.

Avoid using any active skin care for 2-4 days post treatment.

Follow therapists skin care instructions.

If concerned with anything please contact us we will support you & your skin through this transforming treatment.